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Dhanak Rang

Dhanak Rang

Comments (1)

Said this on 4-26-2012 At 02:41 pm
I'm not sure what this site is all about, but i found it when i was looking up arteilcs about Iftekhar Iftekhar Murtaza is a dear friend of mine which I have known for the past 4 or 5 years.. him and his family are very kind-hearted people and well known around the desi community.. I have hung out with Iftekhar over 100 times in the past few years, and I have never felt that my life was in danger.. he was the kindest guy.. he never started arguments or ever even faught with anyone.. he wasnt a extremest of islam.. and he did not care that his girlfriend was Hindu, he was still willing to accept her and her religion and marry her.. he was more americanized than islamic.. i hate how this article is written.. it is completely exploiding the truth and what really is going on here in Orange County..and the article title, muslim kills hindu family is completely wrong.. there is not even enough evidence to convict him.. and truely, there isnt even enough evidence to hold him.. besides a few phone calls that happen to be two miles away from the incident.. and he was not even in Orange County that night.. and also he has plenty of friends in OC, so it is very possible for him to talk to a friend that lives down there.. either way.. i think it is very wrong what you guys have written with this article..You really have no right stating this is a hate crime .. I know both families for years.. this is FAR from being a hate crime.. you can go ahead and look me up on facebook and read all the things that people have written to Iftekhar, Shayona and Karishmas pages that ACTUALLY KNOW THEM.. not random people accusing and just stating things like this article.. Hope you guys realise how wrong it is to exploid the truth or someones life without knowing the real cause or the actual people.. Thank you.-Melissa Sapna Hossain
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