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Proud to be a Pukhtoon, Gullalaii has started a  Live Pushto  program  “BALANA” (invitation) for the Pukhtoon community of Glasgow every Sunday from 11am-1pm.The aim is to provide a platform for the Pukhtoon community to join Gullalaii, to express and share their views. She plays Urdu and Pushto songs along with the touch of health issues, poetry , social issues, dedication and  she also take live calls.

Comments (121)

Said this on 3-23-2011 At 09:01 pm

Dear Umair,

Sweet brother thanks for your encouraging comments.Pukhtoons girls are very talented but if they get opportunities in thier live fortunately,Iv got so.

 My listeners (Pushto/Urdu) are my pride who appreciates,listen and participate in Balana.You requested to increase the time for BALANA,you suggestion has been forwarded to the management.

Dheera manana,khushala osyee

Said this on 2-18-2015 At 04:30 pm

Salamona. 18/2 de Hamza baba de tleen ( barsi) wraz da , bayd po parogram wasi . Ma kho ta program na dy awradaly  kho k ta ghwary che po hamza baba program wasi za interview ta tayar am che de baba po zwand shaeri bandi nazar wachawam rasheed zaheer . 07445173656

Said this on 2-20-2011 At 12:47 pm

Helllloooo and Salaaaaaaaaaam Gullalaii !!!!!!!

da Qadr warr aaw pakhto maeena khoday di awki chi tc tak yi.

No words to explain and admire how precious your prog is for us,

as you know all our pukhtuns are proud of you, but i am bit more.its really nice to hear ur show.

keep it up.

Said this on 3-23-2011 At 09:05 pm

W/Salamoona Feroz Jan,

Thanks a lot that you are so proud of me,I am also proud of you my sweet brother..........You always joins me in Balana no matter how busy you are this gives me too much strength.

Allah Bless you,Baryalyee osyee

Zainab Khan
Said this on 2-23-2011 At 09:55 am
SALAM..  Hi Gullalaii m Zainab from Glasgow... this is my very first comments about any presenter or any program but u know u r so good... the way u present ur program is very amazing ,,I like ur sweet voice and specially when u speak in pashto its make me so emotional bcoz it reminds me my family.. u make all Pushtoons very proud..ALLAH pak de taso ta deir jwand ao khushali darki ao sta tol armanona de poora ki..aameen.. with lots of love... ZAINAB KHAN..


Said this on 3-23-2011 At 09:12 pm

Grani Zainab Khooryee,

It is an honour for Balana and my pleasure that you have commented for the first time ever ever in ur life.Nice to hear that Balana makes you emotional and reminds you about Pukhtoonkhwa....infact,Balana is a programm which brings all pukhtoons no matter from do they belongs together.We all are like one family.

Please do call live and also keep posting you comments,I really want Pukhtoon sisters to come along n join me in BALANA.........

Last but not  least I am gratified for your prayers..........

Pa meena

Said this on 2-28-2011 At 09:13 am

Dearest Gullalaii sister

I really appreciate the way you presenting your program.The most important part of your porgam is the Pashto-Urdue Mix presentation.I think it will famalier urdu speaker with pashto as well, while listening  pashto and more people will be able to enjoy it. please if possibal than increase the time of your program we are very enjoy and spend our time in pleasent way

Your sincerity,honesty,humanity,courage  all are examples for us.We wish your efforts become part of pashto Adab and history.

With great pashtoon Love(Pa dera Pukhtana Mina)

Said this on 3-25-2011 At 01:51 am

Salamoona Umair roorjan,

Plz accept my heartiest Thanks for your appreciation,Balana is an affort to bring all pushtoons together during two hours programm.I agree with you that a bilingual programm is helping Urdu Speaking Listeners to familarise with pushto language.

Your request to increase Balana broadcast time is conveyed to the management.Stay tune to BALANA@awazfm 107.2

Tal Khushala osyee..........

Jan Ahmadzai
Said this on 6-26-2013 At 07:32 pm

salaam dear Gullalai hope so u r ok. all i heard u r programme once via internet in afghanistan as i am on my holiday, U r doing a gr8 job proud of U & proud to be Pashtoon ;)

gullalaii yousafzai
Said this on 12-28-2014 At 02:24 am

Ahaaa Jan Ahmedzai,

Very interesting that you reside in UK and listened to my show in Afghanistan...You can join me live in my show you are always welcome..I am also proud of my Pushtoons and Pushto..


Rahat Khan
Said this on 3-3-2011 At 01:55 pm

Salaam. How r u? I m Rahat Khan from Peshawar. I like ur programme very much. I feel that it is an honourable programme for Pakhtoon community. I like ur way of speaking with callers. May Allah give u success in this programme. 

Said this on 3-25-2011 At 01:54 am

Staryee ma shee Rahat sb.......

Har kala rashyee( ur always welcome) Balana is your own programm and your participation is an honour for me.......

Thanks for your prayers..........

Baryalyee osyee.......

Said this on 3-7-2011 At 01:33 pm

Salaaaaaaaaamona awo akhteramat grani pukhtani khoori aomid laram che rogha aw jora ye staso roghtya da Allah sakha da taal lapara ghwaram

mong der khushala u chi ta zamong tha pukhtono kaam  da para domra khedmat ki

We are proud of you sister keep it up

Said this on 3-15-2011 At 04:12 pm

thank you  for your lovely comments

Said this on 3-22-2011 At 01:45 pm

salam ji

plzz play the song wot starts from ur name ( gul e lai ) when u go on air.plz

Said this on 3-23-2011 At 07:01 pm

Salamoona Grana Ali,

 which song are you reffering to,there are two songs which starts from my name Gullalaii...........

Ma gulwarren kyee Gullalaii pa ma mayeen kyee by Dr. Irfan

Another one is by Usman Matin Gudar ta ma za......gullalaii zar zar yak sha mala kigyee???????????

Thanks for your comments  though.Stay Blessed

Said this on 4-17-2011 At 11:07 am


weldone! gulallai nice programe i really like it you are doing great job keep it up....

Keep up the tremendous work, long may your show continue. 


Sheikh Said Khan

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Said this on 7-22-2011 At 09:09 pm

salamoona,dheera manana Shieko roorjan che taso domra larrye na BALANA da UAE na aworyee.

KHushala osyee ao munga taso ta BALANA kyee Khair raghlyee wayo

Shiekh Said Khan
Said this on 4-18-2011 At 10:12 am

Dear Gullalaii,
I m listing awaz fm on-line on my iphone in Abu Dhabi UAE, ur

voice is very sweet and nice. u r doing great job, keep it up.

We do enjoy pushto time on awaz-fm and please increase the

duration of BALANA

please dedicate any song from my side to Abu Dhabi UAE & all


Thank you,
Sheikh Said 

gullalaii yousafzai
Said this on 12-28-2014 At 02:29 am

Salam Shiekh Said,

I am glad that my voice in Pushto reaches as far as UAE.Thanks for the appreciation,it means a lot to me. I will definetly dedicate song to my listeners in UAE...Regarding time issue you can email to the mangement.


Miss B
Said this on 5-28-2011 At 11:06 am

Dearest Gullalai,

I am not going to mention my name but was thinking to email you about your program you did on Cervical cancer.You provided information in a very clear and precise way.LOved it

Your are right that Asian community needs awareness about such issues and I am an example whom suffered because my family ignored the letters for screening.

I have suffered alot and now appreciate your efforts to safe other women.

Your awaz is very it

Jeeti rahain aur khush rahain (Ameen)

Said this on 6-4-2011 At 07:16 pm


Gullalaii stasoo awaz au stasoo program zamong deer shauk sara awroo.

deera kha khabara da che da glasgow koso kee hus da yao pakhtanee awaz hum aureedalai keege.da zamung yao deer zood kwahiz wo chee deer pa khoog awaz and pa deer kha parogram pora sho and keege ba.

deer kha!!!

awo yao guzarish che pa khapal parogram kee the pukhton culture,mahman nawazai,bahadarai bara ke dee sa owayai.

 parogram kee ka tasoo da meenai ghazale,laka che ghazala javed waile de awo noor dase nawe singer sara da nawee music no da dee pa waja ba noor jaboo wala hum staso program deer shouk sara auree,ao nor deer farmaishona ba razee and nor ba staso program khalak na shayad download kolaishai.

 za yao paila pukhtoon yum che pa glasgow ke driving instructor shom.and zama deer arman dai che zama pukhtana rooda khwande rashee ao khapal wali and the pukhtano mrasta woke pa har yao shoba kee,seenga che Gullalaii pa radio ke kai.

 deera manana!!!!

Said this on 6-6-2011 At 05:46 pm

Salam Gulla

Sanga ye

maa la staso progrm kho la na dy awry daly kho zma Abu staso progrm der tareef kai agha har sunday taso tha phone hm kai "Abul Ghani".

InshaAllah koshesh ba kom che taso Progm wawram.

Khushala ao aabada osy Allah pa Amaan

Said this on 6-6-2011 At 06:00 pm

salam gula

staso progrm tareef ma domra me Abu na wawry do che za wos rarawan sunday tha pa intezar shom ao beqara shom

ao taso tha ao komal jee tha salam

keep it up with pretty smile and take care of ur self

from Peshawar

Said this on 7-3-2011 At 03:45 am


hey appreciate ur work for the pashtoon community, but I wanted something tell u! 

whenever there is a program or a festival e.g galsgow mella,, whenever we ask them to play a pashto music, they dont have have any, as u work with awaz fm and the music there is presented by awaz fm, so if you can please provide them with some or either if u dont have any we can help....


Said this on 7-24-2011 At 11:15 am

Assalam o alaikum

aap ka program achha hay.

aap buht nice baatein karti hain.

aap awaz buht meethi hay.

regards and salam

ismail baloch

doha qatar

Rashid Hussain
Said this on 8-27-2011 At 03:01 pm

Salam Gulla

Sorry about that che ma taso programe pa agha sunday bandy waw naredo.

Abu my "Abdul Ghani" mata waili wo che taso zma tapos thy kary wo kho zama masrufiat der ziat wo ma taso progrm waw naredo

zma sa Admission masla agha Alhamdulella hal shwa.os taqreeban staso progrm ta za ozgar ym.

Khushala, abada ao gul osy che har taraf ta akhpala khosbu pelawy.

da zra na

Said this on 9-2-2011 At 06:24 pm

 it was such a pleasure calling you on your eid show...... it was an amazing experience.... luckily you were the first radio presenter i called live
......and i loved your program.... keep up the great work.... live long and stay blessed.....

Pa meena

Said this on 10-31-2011 At 05:25 pm

Thanks a lot Nauman,It was really nice to have you on BALANA.Hope you join me on coming EID.TAshakor for your dwa.

STay blessed

Dr Mohammad Naeem Niazi
Said this on 9-2-2011 At 06:57 pm


I think it is good that our voice to be heard in Pakhtu. I think this will tempt other Pakhtun brothers and sisters to do more for Pakhtu. You pioneered a good job.

Good luck

Pa pkhtana meena.

Said this on 11-14-2012 At 02:33 am

Dr Naeem Sb,

Thanks very much for appreciating the efforts..I agree it is a responsibility of every Pukhtoon brother and sister to come forward and serve thier mother tongue...

Pa pukhtana meena

Fatima Baqi
Said this on 1-9-2012 At 01:20 pm

Hello Gullalai,

It was really nice to tune into your Pashto programe yesterday.Being in London,it felt like I am back home in Peshawar...You ar edoing a really good job dear..keep it up and I wish you very good luck.

Said this on 1-29-2012 At 11:17 am

Dear gullalai,

I cant able to listen to your programme somehow..dont know whats the problem. Can you tell me some alternate way of listening to it. Thanks :)

Fatima Baqi
Said this on 2-5-2012 At 12:35 am

Hello Gullalai,

Good luck for tomorow's programe,waiting anxiously to listen it Live.


Fatima Baqi
Said this on 2-5-2012 At 09:27 pm

Hello Gullalai,

today's show was fun packed,enjoyed every second of it :)

waiting for the next show anxiously!

Cheers :)

Said this on 2-5-2012 At 09:55 pm
The programme is very nice, I love your talking style. It would be nice if there is some theme or topic of discussion every week so it gives the callers a chance to speak up their mind for that. Just a suggestion :)
pea princess
Said this on 2-12-2012 At 12:06 pm

hay Gullalaii,

manra ur show z superb :)

lyk it soooooooo much .


Said this on 8-8-2012 At 12:03 pm

Dheera manana Pea Princess,you are always welcome...


pea princess
Said this on 2-12-2012 At 12:49 pm

hay gullalaii,

simply love ur show , bht maza aya , dair aala :) kip it up .

Said this on 5-20-2012 At 12:16 pm

Khwagay Gulalai,

Dair khaista program de. Tol pukhtana da Pukhto jabay da para stasu da halo zalo dair qadar kai.  

Said this on 8-8-2012 At 12:06 pm

Hazrat Rehman roorjan,

Dheera manana da stayeene...Da da tolo pukhtano BALANA da ka da naryee pa hara seme kyee osyee...

pa Pukhtana meena

Said this on 7-11-2012 At 05:20 pm

salam da pashto de program ke male moka rake insahallah za darla parogram mega hit na kam no bya che sa saza we mata manzoora da


Said this on 8-8-2012 At 12:52 pm


Taso ta har kala harkalyee wama Zuhaib sb

Said this on 7-13-2012 At 05:29 pm


Said this on 8-5-2012 At 11:22 am

salam im waheed from bradford west yorkshire... heard your show.. great show great presentre keep it up...

pukhtano zindabaad.. 

Said this on 8-5-2012 At 11:34 am

Dear Gullalai

I want to appreciate all the efforts and good work you are putting into your programme. For overseas like me, your programme makes me feel attached to my family and language back home. Well done for bringing such a nice effort for the pukhtoons all over world. 

Hope the time of programme is increased as well.

Regards, Sara

hanif khan
Said this on 8-5-2012 At 11:42 am

dear gulalai,

ma sthaso parogram wawredo,nu der me khakh sho..da de waja da da che zama hasy hm da pakhthu jabe sara dera meena da ao km kas che da de jabee khedmath kavee no da agho hm da zra na der qaser kavk..khpala kho ratha time na milaveege che khpal wakhth warla warkuu khu da qeemathe khalak kho sthayely shoo che suk da de khukaly jabee pa mada da noro khalko zruna pa sahih manoo ke da khpal kaltur ,qam ao jabee khedmath kavee...

allah mo kamyab sathe

Said this on 9-8-2012 At 09:02 pm

Hanif Sb dheera manana,Balana's moto is to bring together Pukhtoons from all over the world.It is a platform for every one who can speak,read or understand Pushto to join me. BALANA's mission is to strengthen Pushto language and Pukhtoon nation....Yo jehan manana for liking the programm and also for you valuable comments


shahzad afridi
Said this on 10-7-2012 At 11:24 am

salam Gulalai

its really nice to hear our local n  cultural music n issues discussing hear in United Kingdom, well i can say the way you present da program is really nice, plus ur quick feedback it amazing.

although i am great fan ov radio bt never listen radio before in Uk. but last week i heard ur program vd my friend so v really enjoyed n now m ur permanent listner.

N hopfully it will get better vd time as the listners band increase.

Dera Dera manana

Gullalaii Yousafzai
Said this on 10-22-2012 At 11:18 pm

Salamoona Afridi sb,

Thank you very much for liking BALANA and also becoming a regular listener...I hope you would also joing us on Facebook page:

Har kala rashye pa pukhtana meena...


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