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Gulsanga presents 'Evening with Gulsanga' every Sunday...

She is quiet... educated to a Masters in Financial Services and enjoys reading, painting, reading palmestry and exploring the local countryside.

'Evening with Gulsanga' is all about social issues... from topics such as Forced Marriage... Identity Crises... How important how elders are and the the repsect given... Change in Society, your life... your outlook... Forgetting Culture for Western Values... to Gender Discrimination.


If you have a topic you feel would like to discuss... then email me...

Name: Gulsanga

Show Name: Evening with Gulsanga

Time: 6pm to 9pm Sunday

Comments (7)

Said this on 5-26-2014 At 01:49 am

Hi gulsanga, I like your show Sunday blend a lot. It is not only entertaining but also increase our knowledge about various issues related  to our life and society. Thank you very much for presenting such a informative show for us.



Said this on 7-12-2015 At 07:21 pm

Very nice show 

Said this on 8-25-2015 At 01:48 am

Thanks very Much for liking "Evening with Gulsanga"......hope you'll continue your support...

imran chaudhary
Said this on 8-5-2015 At 03:11 am

hi gulsanga its me imran u have any your facebook id if u dont mind plz add me

Said this on 8-25-2015 At 01:54 am

A.salam, thanks for your sharing your valued views on different topics discussed in the show. you can join me on the offical facebook page  "eveningwithgulsanga". 

imran chaudhary
Said this on 9-20-2015 At 08:30 pm

hi gulsanga i was calling you but i think your lines were v busy any ways hope u ok and happy Eid in advance hopefully speak to you next time. take care of your self v much.

Malik Niaz Khan
Said this on 12-23-2015 At 05:26 pm


i hope you will be fine ,,, i want appear in your show so plz contact me on 00923149811988 whats app no

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