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Health on Awaz FM

This page will help the community on issues covered in various programs on Awaz FM.

Aruna Hallon - Healthy Morning on Wednesday 10am-12noon

Hameeda Haseeb - Kathiya Mithiya Gallan with Guest Dr Rajni first Wednesday of the Month 7pm-9pm

Anila Ansari - Itwar Khushghawar Every Sunday 11am-1pm

Gullalaii Yousafzai - Balana (Pushto) Every Sunday 11am-1am

Sadia Ahmed/Shafea Mahmood - Weekend Connection Every Saturday 1pm-3pm


Recent Topics Covered:

- Viral and Bacterial Infection

    Patient awareness of VIRAL infection and BACTERIAL infection and why GPs avoid giving antibiotics frequently.

    Patient feel disappointed when they attend their family doctor for their illness and suffering and doctors do not prescribe them THE ANTIBIOTIC.

    It Is important to make every one aware of the difference between VIRAL and BACTERIAL infection. They are two different type of bugs .

    There is lot of research to say  upper respiratory tract infection ( common cold/head cold/ garden flu are the various other names we know it by) i.e. ear , nose  and throat infection are commonly caused by a virus which can be various  types like adeno virus , rhino virus , parainfluenza virus, corona virus and hundred others .

    The other infection everyone talks  about  is THE FLU. FLU is  a severe  form of common cold , where patient have body ache, headache, lethargy, tiredness, blocked nose, runny nose, etc. They say if you have flu and you see a 10 pound note lying in front of you , he/she will not have the energy to lift it … meaning there by it is a very disabling illness.

    Sometimes infection can become severe and not get better in week - 10 days time and if patient has symptoms like cough with greenish spit, chest pain when coughing, shortness of breath on exertion ,  it  is advised that the person , attends their  GP . This is because the infection may be of a bacterial type which can be treated with antibiotic. This is of more relevance in patient with chronic illhealth like diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease.,as their immunity is low.

    In Hamida’s words “ Doctors do care and that is why they do not want to give treatment which will cause more harm than good.”………absolutely right.

    Lately there has been lot of discussionin the press about “ resistance of bugs against common antibiotics (BBC NEWS) which is another reason for cautious prescribing of antibiotics.

    What can one  do to help themselves when down with such an infection

    1. Take plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration
    2. Try simple measures like paracetamol, ibuprofen for body ache, headaches.
    3. Try nasal decongestants available over the counter.
    4. Stop spreading germs by covering nose and mouth when one is sneezing/ coughing. Use disposable tissues and put them in the bin once used. Wash your hands after one has coughed /sneezed.
    5. Taking probiotic drinks can also help
    6. Trying to keep healthy by regular exercise and weight management.


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