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Nazia Jamil


The programme is called Mirch Masala. The format of the show is playing a mixture of lollywood, bollywood and bhangra songs. I also give all the latest gossip, gupshup and do live on air interviews from Pakistan or UK or in studio so far I have interviewed the likes of:

Atif aslam, Waris baig, Abrar-ul-haq, Shehzad roy, Rahim shah, Naseebo lal, Ahmed jahanzeb, Ali zafar, Fariha pervaiz, Najam shiraz, Faakir, Ali sher, Rafaqat ali khan
Reema, Humayun saeed, Uzma gallani, Mohin aktar

Jaz Dhami, JK D, SK1, GV, Chan Has, Tariq Khan, Bonafide (Maz and Ziggy) and of course Tere Liye Navin Kundra.

of so many others you know who you are!!!

Since I have been with Awaz FM I have really enjoyed doing my own show and I hope that one day I will have my own TV show were I am interviewing Lollywood, Bollywood and Bhangra stars face to face I would like to take this opportunity to thank all u guys the listeners for your support and encouragement without you Lollywood Dhamaka, MIRCH MASALA and now Monday Drivetime.

Comments (29)

Said this on 6-21-2010 At 09:27 pm

nazia rockxxx..!!  :)

Said this on 7-5-2010 At 08:42 pm

Nazia is an awsome presenter, she really knows how to involve the audience.

Said this on 7-8-2010 At 01:31 am

hey nice to see nazia on here make sure u play me nice song xxx

Said this on 7-10-2010 At 01:41 pm

addy songs is super

tanha and lamhay

Said this on 8-12-2010 At 10:24 pm

Nazia is not only a great show host but an excellent human being as well. I wish her all the very best in her career.



Said this on 8-12-2010 At 10:29 pm

Nazia is not only a great show host but an excellent human being as well. I wish her all the very best in her career.



Said this on 9-16-2010 At 11:13 pm

Naiza you really rocks .... I am your big fan ... stay blessed!

Said this on 9-17-2010 At 09:11 am

Nazia Jee tuseee great hooo jeee .... stay blessed!

Said this on 10-5-2010 At 11:57 pm

when will u have tariq Khan legacy on ur show?

Said this on 12-4-2010 At 05:50 pm

Hi Dear Nazia Did U Play That?

Said this on 12-25-2010 At 11:51 pm

Nazia ... great to see your new banner on the site. I take mirchi only on my pizza or on Awaz FM ;)


BTW when are you going to interview me !!!????


Said this on 1-5-2011 At 12:12 am

Nazia I luv ur shows you are cool charming and totally professional ur interview with Tariq Khan was brilliant. all the best. & U R pretty.

Said this on 1-10-2011 At 03:05 am

hi i was listening to the show on saturday at 3.20pm, NAZIA played an amazing track but i just caught the end of it! I'v been searching everywhere for it but i cant seem to find it anywhere... i didnt get the artist or track name lol
it goes something like, ''shes like rainfall ... flowing all night'' it was a male singer and had no urdo hindi or punjabi lyrics, it was english throughout...i would appriciate it sooooo much if ANYBODY could help me out!!!!!!

get bak to me if u can, its thanks!!!


Said this on 4-16-2011 At 01:44 pm

hiya nazia am waiting to listen ur show .................hope u will rock today aswell:P

Said this on 5-17-2011 At 08:47 pm

Naiza you really rocks .... I am your big fan

Said this on 5-28-2011 At 04:11 pm

hi please can u tell us whats going on in glasgow any park events or any thing for kidds  thanks i like ur show realy nice

Said this on 7-16-2011 At 05:53 pm

nazia jee.

good evening.

i listen your program whenver i am free.

i like your comparing.

i like your seelcted songs.

please play sindhi songs in your program.thanks and regards.


doha qatar

aftab karim
Said this on 8-6-2011 At 03:04 pm

hi big sis miss you loads me and mum lov your show and always tune inn every sat. ur always in our hearts luv you aftab & anty yasmeen manchester.

Said this on 9-28-2011 At 10:04 pm

Nazia U R great must add U on FB plz accept me

my fav.songer is Tariq Khan legacy

Said this on 9-28-2011 At 10:05 pm

Nazia ur showz are great

my fav.singer is Tariq Khan Legacy, would like his song on Sat.plz

Said this on 11-15-2011 At 05:25 pm

Hi Naz0, this is FurQan, i have been listening to your show, and i really found your show the best ever on awaz fm, your style is so good MASHALLAH..i wish you all the very best for your coming showz, and keep on doing the best as you always do! take care and keep on smiling!!




Said this on 1-15-2012 At 09:01 pm

Hi Naz,

Im one for your newest listeners.  I listen to you on line, as Im from Manchester.  Can wait for Saturday afternoons and listening to Nazia.  Keep up the cool work and wish you all the best for the furure!

Regards - Nadz

Said this on 1-15-2012 At 09:13 pm

Hi Nazia,

I'm one of your newest listeners from Manchester.  Been listening to your show.  You are great. Saturday afternnons with Nazia is a super weekend.

Keep up the excellent work and I must say you your program is the best Ive listen to.

Warm Regards


Said this on 3-10-2012 At 11:59 pm

Nazia Jamil is awesome!!!!! 1luv 4rm ya bro !!!!

aftab karim
Said this on 3-31-2012 At 05:41 pm

hi nazia, hope ur keeping well luv ur show take care the karim family in manchester.

Said this on 11-22-2012 At 10:21 am
Wow! Great thniking! JK
Said this on 2-5-2013 At 05:13 pm

ur voice is very sweet,,,,love u,,,

Said this on 3-30-2013 At 04:31 pm

Assalam u Alaikum!

Dear presenter Nazia Jamil your show is so nice like reall mirchi!!! onething is i found it that you are so confident and your voice is so sweet mashallah ALLAH bless you and yur show and for All your sweet sweet listene.


Said this on 6-15-2013 At 11:17 pm

brilliant show...! keep up the good work nazia...

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