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GTown Desi Interivew

  • 2-5-2010
  • Categorized in: News


5 years in the making and finally it's here.........
'1134', The debut album by GTown Desi.
The group consists of 5 members Bobby B, Jay Jagpal, Oz-e, Mr Vin & DJ Gully, with each bringing their own uniques style to the fusion that is GTown Desi.

"The debut album '1134' looks to launch the collective on a national and international basis with 5 years previously spent on creating the record. The album features a true range of urban artists from Glasgow as well as international acts in celebrating a universal mix of artists.

The production found within each song is a clear representation of each person’s musical background in generating a sound so raw yet so commercially viable for the Urban Asian market. In comparison to previous products released within the market, ‘1134’ has the backbone and potential to remain unique and inimitable amongst the current pack."

Awazfm had the opportunity to catch up with the boys and ask them some questions:
Describe Gtown Desi in 3 words?
Innovative, passionate and determined.

What’s so unique about your music style?
Our combined knowledge of musical styles allows us to transfer our influences from Urban and Asian genres to create commercial mainstream hits. We believe it stands out from current pack.

How did you boys meet?
It may sound like a cliché, but fate brought us together! From random situations, we met one after the other being in the right place at the right time. Music however, will always be the key in how GTD formed.

What did you guys do before becoming part of Gtown Desi?
We all swayed down our own musical paths almost aimless for a while until the collective formed.
Bobby B was an established DJ within the Scottish nightclub circuit.
Jay Jagpal was running a recognised roadshow catering for all audiences.
Oz-E was at the point still involved with Awaz FM as well as the roadshow circuit also.
Mr Vin was practising his craft within the bedroom as DJ and pushing to make links in order to get the break required to push him into the scene.
Gully was at the point of completion of his music degree and had recently released his memorable ‘Grime Report’ compilation which paved the way for future gigs with Wiley & Tinchy Stryder.

What does the album name “1134” stand for?
We’re actually keeping this close to our chests at this point. It’s actually simpler than it looks but all will be revealed soon.

How did it feel shooting your first music video?
This was in fact our 2nd video shoot. The first being of course ‘Teri Tor Vehka’ for the compilation, ‘Pure Desi’ released 5 years ago under VIP Records. At that point our inexperience was evident however the last few years have provided us with the knowledge necessary into creating something more visually appealing.

Now, both videos shot for the album, ‘1134’ including ‘Peerh’ & ‘Type of Guy’ have been ideas which we wanted to implement ourselves. We planned, organised and scripted the productions of course with assistance from production crews into creating something which represented our cultural backgrounds.

However, the demands for the videos proved testing in organising the choreographers, dancers, models, venues, cars and locations as well as editing final cuts.

The shoot for ‘Peerh’ was the ultimate test starting at 8am, finishing at 2am without lunch breaks as well as managing the entire roster for the day including props most notably the 50 cars that arrived with the hope of making the final version.

‘Type of Guy’ was a 3 day shoot which was shot within various locations. This will be the follow up single from the album.

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?
Within the Asian market, Bally Sagoo would definitely be a top choice due to his overall influence on us. Dr Dre, super-producer as most people name would also be a hot request. His production is renowned internationally and his ability to make you a superstar is almost guaranteed!!!

As a DJ what has been your most memorable experience?
Well of course there are 5 of us within the group so we all have individual experiences which we still remember to this day however when our video hits TV this may well triumph over everything considering our consistent push to get recognised for our musical abilities.

What was the first CD you ever bought?
Now that’s a question…. I think it was ‘Kamlee Fever’??

The best advice you ever received?
“Just Do It” – Nike!!

How do feel about the Bhangra scene as it is today?
There are a lot of mixed views on the industry, some say it’s declining, others state everyone replicates the popular formula and others will argue about piracy and ghost productions.

Our opinion is the Bhangra industry has changed; music has of course changed most importantly throughout format output which in turn has altered people’s consumption habits.

Our focus is on our album which we hope people embrace as a product with a new sound and edge which can hopefully influence the sound into developing further.
What can we expect from Gtown Desi in the future?

We are now beginning work on our 2nd album. ‘1134’ took 5 years, so the follow up we aim to make a lot quicker however we base on any product on quality as opposed to quantity so there won’t be any rush until we are 100% happy with the sound.

Additionally the album will be more urban focused with a string of international artists set to feature.
Our projects within events will continue with summer being the push for UK tour as well as summer festivals.

"The 1st single, ‘Peerh’, is an energetic raw fusion of breakbeat/house elements shot within the streets of Glasgow. Featuring the city’s finest dancers, former Destiny’s Child choreographer set the entire routine with memorable shots representative of the group’s balance of street culture and contemporary urban music influence."

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