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Living by the philosophy if you don’t have a plan, nothing can go wrong, I’ll do whatever life throws at me.  I’ve always viewed traditional success as the only success which is a weakness I’m working on while climbing the corporate ladder.  Sometimes I’m so focused on the destination I forget to enjoy the journey but my time at Awaz FM has helped broaden my horizons in that respect.

The real me is only shared with those close to me - the rest get to see the chilled out, passive me.    

I love my music; which I’m guessing is pretty obvious! But I have a play list for every mood, occasion and situation (my ipod is my most prized possession).  Reading is also a passion - it transports me to a world far far away…I guess that’s why I’m known to be a bit of a dreamer!  I hate being idle and am always on the go – whether it’s to the gym, cinema or discovering a new place – as long as I’m active I’m happy :)

Comments (1)

Said this on 9-15-2010 At 04:23 pm

Wanna give a shout out to my lovely wife Selina and kids Emaan and Shayaan 

Please play Pee Loon from the movie Once upon a time in mumbai.


Many Thanks


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