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Taresh Nahar


“Sanatan Dharam Chupal” means Universal Eternal Righteousness.
“Chupal” – Platform for discussion.
Universal Eternal Righteousness is/are the core teachings and foundation of all religions.
Teachings of Sanatan Dharam are not the sole right of any Guru, Phir, prophet or Religion. They apply to the entire human race.

Teacher at secondary school teaching technology.
Enjoys Reading Scriptures.

Founder of group cause “Global Unity”, which brings people together from all backgrounds to promote basic morals and ethics, as well as support for each other.

Comments (5)

Said this on 9-20-2010 At 07:53 pm

Taresh Nahar ji,

Your show is very spiritual and meaningful, it breaks the boundries of religious dogma

iam inspired by your thoughts on the way they are presented


Said this on 2-19-2011 At 12:37 am

He is my tech teacher a school

hi mr nahar : )


Said this on 6-8-2012 At 09:40 am

he was my tech teacher, ive never seen anyone handle wood with such grace

Vaibhav Parikh
Said this on 3-6-2011 At 01:29 am

Taresh is a very knowledgable and spiritual man.Its a pleasure to hear his discussions.

Said this on 10-21-2011 At 10:21 pm

He is one of my the most inspirational people I know. Very spirtual and wise and I am proud to call him my friend.

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